Location: ArtSpace, 50 Orange St., New Haven CT

Free and open to the public   Hours:

What: Twenty-one gems of international film+video art

When: October 5-21, 2012. Plus nightly projections after dark outside the Crown Street window of Artspace. Special screening with curator & artist talk: October 18, 7:00 PM

Opening reception: Friday, Oct. 5, 2012, 5:00-8:00pm


Abigail Child (New York) – Peripeteia II
Alexander Stewart + White/Light (Chicago) – Crusts
Bobby Abate (Brooklyn) – Gossip
Cade Bursell (Carbondale, IL) – Salt Lines  more info
Cara Levine (San Francisco) – It Ain’t Me You’re Looking For
Eric Stewart (San Francisco) – Strata
Filipe Rodrigues Afonso (Lisboa, Portugal) – Atracados/Moored info+trailer>
Jen Cohen (San Francisco) – Venus+X
Jessica Miller (San Francisco) – Polarity Convergence
John Stone (New York) – Fearful Symmetry
Kathleen Quillian (Oakland) – Fin de Siecle
Leigh Orpaz (Tel Aviv) – Ice Swan
Michael Lasater (South Bend, IN) – Crossing Berlin 1927  more info>
Patrick Tarrant (London) – Everything is Everyday
Rebecca Nijdowski (San Francisco) – from Black Sun series
RKDB (Oakland) – Interdimensional Pew Room
Shambhavi Kaul (Mumbai, India/Durham, NC) – Scene 32
Shana Moulton (Brooklyn) – Whispering Pines #8 more info>
Suzy Poling / Pod Blotz (San Francisco) – Natural Powers
Thorsten Fleisch (Berlin) – Kosmos and Energie! more info+trailer>

Michael Lasater, “Crossing Berlin 1927,” installation view. Photo: Liena Vayzman

Still from Rebecca Najdowski’s Black Sun series


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